How to Fold Dress Shirts for Travel?

How to Fold a Dress Shirt for Travel? When packing luggage for a trip, careful folding will help to ensure that your clothes arrive wrinkle-free. The Ranger roll is an effective strategy for packing as much as possible in as little as possible space for everyday goods like t-shirts, knickers and shorts. While the Ranger roll does a good job of minimising creases, you’ll need to employ a different folding strategy for items like dress shirts that you want to unpack at your destination in as smooth and perfect shape as possible.

We show you how to fold a dress shirt for packing in this illustrated guide. It’s simple and effective in reducing wrinkles. If your shirt has wrinkles when you take it out of the suitcase, hang it in the bathroom while you take a hot shower; the steam will assist release the creases and crinkles.

How to Fold a Dress Shirt for Travel?

  1. Close all the buttons and turn the shirt over so that the button side is down.
  2. Fold the sleeves across the back of the shirt.
  3. Fold the sleeves up until the cuffs are even with the collar.
  4. Fold the sides in thirds across the middle.
  5. Fold the garment in thirds from the bottom.
  6. Put it in the suitcase!
Fold a Dress Shirt

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